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September 12, 2013

I just came across your blog after rseaerching the calorie count in a pumpkin sprinkles cupcake which I just ate :) yes, running for sprinkles is totally, completely 100% worth it! A friend of mine told me she heard that Sprinkles cupcakes had around 3,000 calories?!?! Seemed crazy so I had to search myself. Red velvet is my second favorite but with almost 500 calories in the frosting I’ll stick to pumpkin!


September 11, 2013

My question… the mniorng after, Bella had feathers in her hair that were… stuck in there? So thoroughly she needed a shower to get them out?Don’t you usually need some kind of… sticking agent for that?Clearly, not all of Edward’s Magical Sparkleigh Vampire Sperm made it to her Womb of Sparkleigh Klutziness…

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