3 Easy Beach Hairstyles

1. Top of the Knots

Image via pinterest.com

The simplest style on our list by far: the quick and easy top knot. It's every surfer girl's default hairstyle and our personal favorite - nothing beats a top knot bun on a hot day at the beach.

2. Swimming With The Fishes

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 While the fishtail braid takes a little practice to master, your efforts will pay off when you're looking like a mermaid freshly washed up on the shore.

3.  Boho Babe

Image via pinterest.com

Make like Nicole Richie, grab a scarf and go boho. Tie any way you like to add an edge to your beach or poolside look. This style also has the added bonus of protecting your scalp from the sun, all-important in our books!


What's your favorite hairstyle for a day at the beach?

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